Aim : To Sell Our First Product What We Need ? .  Approved Seller Account, High Quality Images, Basic Information about the Product. VIDEO:  if you want to watch Click here   Procedure :  

  • Login to your Seller Account. Login or Register
  • Click on “NEW PRODUCT” in Seller Dashboard


  • you will get Product Form for a New Product with 5 Tabs


  •   tabs


Name:   This is the Main Title of the Product which shows in Search, Category and in the Title of the Product Description: This Data Entered here will be Shown in the Description of Product   Tags:These are the names suitable to the product,description,type,category of the product.These are must be seperated by                    “Comma” Price:Which indicates the product real price with out having any discount  Category:This indicates the product type and the product belongs to what.  Quantity:IT indicates the Data for no.of products are present in the store. Files&Images:It is belongs to the quality image for the corresponding product.  Downlods:It is the data is having the pre defined file for the downloadable product  Message to the Reviewer:If you want to tell something about the product to the reviewer


Model:It is unique name for the product Sku:(Stock keeping unit) It is unique code for the product


If you want to add any options to the product you just add by clicking “add options” then “add value”

Special Prices

If you want to give any discount prices to the customers,give it into priority wise.

Quantity Discounts:

If you want to give any quantity discounts to the customers,you will give it into priority wise.

Alli Soumya

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